How Onsite Accounting & Tax Services Can Help You

QuickBooks Training & Support

Whether you are wanting to learn QuickBooks for your own small business needs or you want to train your employees on QuickBooks, I am here to assist you. I offer onsite, hands-on training on all versions of desktop QuickBooks as well as QuickBooks Online. If all you need is someone to assist you in setting up your QuickBooks company, I can help you.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Preparing your own tax returns can be daunting and scary. I pride myself on staying up-to-date with all the tax law changes so that I can help my clients take every advantage of tax savings available to them. Using tax software may prepare your return for you, but it does not let you know where you can make changes in order to be fully prepared for the next tax year. I offer tax planning and can review prior year’s returns to make you better prepared.

Accounting & Payroll

Understanding your business is key to growth. I can help you with your monthly accounting, including but not limited to, bank account reconciliations, sales tax return preparation, quarterly and annual payroll tax return preparation. If you use an accounting software for your monthly accounting, I can review your general ledger to clean it up if needed. I offer payroll processing which includes employee time tracking log in, direct deposits, and all returns filed electronically.

Company Structure

Most entrepreneurs know what they want to do; however, they are not confident of what type of entity their new business should be or what forms are required to be filed with the IRS or state. I take the time to become familiar with my clients so that I can make an informed decision on how to best set up your business structure to reduce your tax burden. I can prepare & file all forms required to incorporate your business, get your EIN from the IRS, file all required forms with the state.

IRS Tax Issues

It’s not often that you will encounter special IRS tax issues or personal or corporate tax audits. But if/ when you do you will want an IRS tax expert on your side. I have helped clients discharge federal tax liens placed on their house so that they can finally sell it. I have assisted foreign individuals wishing to operate a business in the United States acquire their Individual Tax Identification Number so they can finally apply for the FEI #. I have represented clients before the IRS when they were audited for previous tax years. If you have an issue with the IRS, I can help.